The Divine Mercy Prayer Group

The Divine Mercy Prayer Group (DMPG) was formed in Odisha in the year 2000 with the blessings of His Holiness Mahaperiyava of Kanchi, by a few altruistic volunteers who work tirelessly to help all suffering humanity: be they young, old, destitute, infirm, enslaved, bonded, mentally or physically challenged, poor or rich. Directed by the ever-present spirit of His Holiness Mahaperiyava, guided and supervised by Guruji Shri Mumbai Vijayan Swamigal, the team members have extended their helping hands all over India from Odisha and West Bengal in the east, Delhi and U.P. in the north, Gujarat in the west and Tamil Nadu in the south. The origins of this stupendous service to humanity can be traced back to a sultry afternoon in 1997 near Paradip port in Odisha. Our Guruji was retracing the pada yatra (long journey by foot) undertaken by His Holiness Mahaperiyava. While walking on this path, he came to a small village inhabited mainly by dalits (untouchables). He looked at the pitiable conditions of the villagers living in dire poverty, a majority of whom lacked even the very basic necessities of life. Moved by their condition, Guruji's ...

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DMPG’s Flood Relief Aid (2018)

The Divine Mercy Prayer Group's tireless charitable activities for the month of September include sending relief materials to the flood-affected people in the remote villages near three districts of Kerala—Kottayum, Trissur, and Iddukki. With the blessings of His Holiness Mahaperiyava and the guidance of Dayal Maharaj Swamiji and Chariyar Swamiji, ...

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Diwali Service (2018)

The Divine Mercy Prayer Group’s service for this Diwali included distribution of new clothing, meals and sweets for the poorest of the poor and their ongoing support for six to seven ashrams/homes for the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly. The team visited adivasis and dalits who have been ...

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Mahaperiyava At ACPR, Gurudev Mandir In Belgaum (2017)

In the year 1979, from June to September, Mahaperiyava had camped at the Academy of Comparative Philosophy and Religion's (ACPR) headquarters at Gurudev Mandir, Hindwadi, in Belagavi (formerly Belgaum), Karnataka. Nearly thirty-eight years later, on the 26th of February 2017, Mahaperiyava’s framed photograph was unveiled and the newly renovated meditation ...

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